I’m pretty delighted to announce that the Kalamunda Plant Company is now the WA distributor for Verigrow, the world’s first liquid fertiliser and soil improver made from wool, sustainably sourced directly from WA farmers.

The wool is converted to a liquid fertiliser, high in nitrogen, providing plants with an absorbent amino acid soup. It also feeds the micro-organisms in the earth, improving soil quality.

Verigrow is an all-purpose fertiliser, ideal for all plants, including natives. You can apply to the soil and the foliage all year round.

Verigrow proudly supports our WA farmers by buying their waste wool (wool that isn’t suitable for clothing or manufacturing).

Verigrow is made in O’Connor by Veratin, a local WA company.

The plastic bottles can even be returned and they’ll be washed and reused, minimising waste.

Verigrow is now double its regular strength at no extra cost.

If you’re a business and you’re interested in stocking Verigrow, please contact me at: [email protected] If you’re a home gardener and you’d like to try Verigrow, contact me or ask your local nursery to stock it.

I use Verigrow as part of my fertilising / soil health routine.

I’m excited to play my part in helping this great WA business support WA farmers.

X. Andrew.


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