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This is a place where I share some of my knowledge and experiences. Whether it be growing unusual crops from seed that I’ve never seen before, through to experimenting with different propagation techniques for hard to propagate plants, I’ll share the processes and pass on what I’ve learnt.

I’ll also share some of my designs and landscaping projects as well as work we’re doing within the community.


Come and join me in the garden!   

I love creating gardens.

I particularly like this garden because the clients allowed me free range on the design. The space was initially weeds and mixed grass and it just wasn’t a place where they wanted to be. They wanted an immersive space for their growing family to explore / play within, whilst being water-wise and low maintenance.

The garden features a tunnel that can be climbed over and walked through, loads of levels, a lowered lawn and raised sides, with a fort base structure and hidden utility area.

When you lay on the lawn, you’re in another world, surrounded by Callistemon, Leucadendron, Leucospermum, Grevillea and Protea with various trees, including a Bottle Tree and Silver Princess (among others) towering overhead.

It’s only going to keep getting better with age, so I’m really looking forward to seeing it grow. It’s a real privilege to create these kinds of spaces in people’s homes and to help entice children into the garden environment.


Andrew’s Garden Blog

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