Lemon Verbena 14cm


14cm pots.

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Verbena Lemon Scented.

Aloysia triphylla.

This verbena is a wonderful addition to any garden as it offers a beautiful lemon fragrance. In summer, the plant will delight with it’s small white flowers.

It is a hardy plant that can withstand most conditions however it will be particularly happy in a full sun, part shade location.

It will grow to around 1.2m high by 1m wide and is as happy in a pot as it is in the ground.

The lemon scented leaves can be used by putting into a tea or adding to desserts or with fish and chicken dishes. They can also be dried and added to potpourri or bath sachets to add fragrance.

It has been known to have calming qualities and is considered to have a positive effect on stomach aches and pains. It is also considered to assist the nervous system and can lift the spirits of those who are fighting depression. The leaves, as well as the flowers, can soothe a stomach and assist with flatulence and indigestion.


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Lemon Verbena 14cm


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