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You can plant the coir tube pot directly into the ground, which will eliminate root disturbance and help keep your plant happy. The roots will make their way through the tube pot and into the soil. The tube pot itself will decompose within two months.

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Artemisia vulgaris. ‘Herb of the Moon Goddess’.

This tough, perennial herb has been used for medicinal purposes since the Middle Ages. It has also been used for magical / witchcraft preparations and religious / ritual purposes. Often known as a dream herb, it is believed to enhance lucid dreaming and assist with a good sleep. Most users dry the herb and place it under their pillow. Ensure the herb is dried first, otherwise you may get a moist pillow and the initial smell will be quite intense and not to everyones liking.

Commonly, the fresh leaves are used in tea. It is believed by some that mugwort can assist with insomnia and constipation. It is said by some to assist with problems with the reproductive system and bring on delayed menstruation. It is believed by some to be a digestive stimulant, an easer of gout and a deterrent to intestinal parasites.

Mugwort is a tall, bushy perennial native to Northern Asia, Africa and Europe.

Plant mugwort in a full sun position and prune back every year (usually after flowering) for nice new strong growth. You can prune it back hard if you want as it’s a very vigorous grower.

It’ll grow to about 1.3m high and about 90cm wide and displays pretty, small white flowers. It can seed very easily so the flowers should be removed prior to the seeds setting.

Mugwort can handle most soil types, prefers dry conditions and is tolerant of droughts.