We are a small grower, specialising in medicinal, culinary and bush food plants.

We proudly grow everything we sell via our online nursery.


We’re a small business that sells plants online. We focus on edible plants and stock a wide range of amazing and hard to find fruit, vegetables, herbs, medicinal and ritual herbs, indigenous bush food, nuts, berries, edible flowers and loads more.

We also sell non edible plants.

We love growing interesting and old-fashioned vegetable varieties to offer a flavoursome, seasonal and natural alternative to those found in supermarkets.

We don’t use herbicides, pesticides or non-organic fertilisers and we adhere to sustainable gardening.

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Frequently asked questions.



I haven't ordered plants through a website before. How does it work?

You can either click on the products themselves then press the 'Add to cart' button and order through the website, or you can email Andrew directly at; [email protected] with your order. Once we receive your order, we'll contact you via email to confirm it (check your junk folder if you haven't heard from us within 24 hours) and to confirm whether you require delivery (incurs a small fee) or whether you'll be collecting your order from us in Kalamunda.     

I’m after a certain plant but I can’t find it on your website. Can you get it for me?

Most of the time, yes. We have access to thousands of different varieties of plants. Just let us know what you’re after via email and we’ll see if we can source it. We’ll email you back with the prices and sizes for you to consider. We have accounts with major suppliers all over Australia and accounts with small-scale local growers and suppliers, so if there’s a plant you see when you’re out and about, there’s a very good chance we can get it for you.


Once I place an order, when will the plants be available?

If you're selecting plants from our available stock list (on the Online Shop page), the plants will be ready the next day.

If you're ordering plants that aren't listed on the website and need to be sourced from suppliers, these will need to be paid for first. They usually take a week to arrive with us. 

How do I pay for my plants?

Easy. Once an order is confirmed, you can either transfer the payment to our account (we'll email you an invoice) or you can pay cash upon collection and leave it in our secure collection box.

Do you post your plants in the mail or offer a delivery service?

We don't post any of our plants in the mail. 

We offer a delivery service within the Perth metro area for a small fee (between $10 and $15, depending on your location).

A lot of our customers collect their plants directly from us in Kalamunda.

If I'm collecting my plants from you in Kalamunda, when can I come?

We can arrange a time that suits you (we need 24 hours notice). Orders are prepared, tagged with your name and left out ready for collection. Just help yourself. A lot of our customers are regulars - we're just one big plant-loving family! 

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We'd love to hear from you.


We're known for our culinary and medicinal plants. We grow and nurture every plant shown on this website. We're very proud of what we do.

If you're after a plant that we don't grow and that isn't shown on our website, do let us know and we can check with our wide range of local plant growers and if available, offer you sizes and prices. Hundreds of our customers source their plants through the Kalamunda Plant Company and support local small businesses.

Please feel free to contact us with any gardening questions you may have. We’re always very happy to help you get the most out of your garden. All emails will be responded to by Andrew, our Horticulturist.

Get in touch.