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Gardening Info


What are beneficial insects?

If you’ve heard the term ‘beneficial insects’ and you’re not too sure what it means,…

Grow your own green manure

Every now and then, I plant a green manure crop in my garden. The term…

Home made pest control products

My garden is full of beneficial insects, a diverse mix of wildlife and plants and…

Make your own compost

Compost is a fantastic way of enriching the fertility of the soil and improving its…

Wonderful worm farms

One of the best things I’ve done in my garden is set up worm farms.…

Improving your soil

Growing healthy plants all starts with the soil. Feed your plants by feeding your soil.…

Taking Cuttings

I love propagating plants via cuttings.   There are generally three types of cuttings I…

Growing Garlic

Growing garlic is easy. Here’s a few tips. Garlic is a long term crop. You’ll…

Growing Wasabi in Perth

Ever wanted to grow Wasabi? Why not give it a try?

Make your own garden fertiliser

For some people, branded fertilisers sold at nurseries are ideal and that’s great, but for…

Growing food from your kitchen scraps

A great way to grow plants.

Grow your own potatoes

Growing beautiful potatoes at home is a real treat.

Attracting bees into your garden

Some simple tips on how to welcome bees into your garden.

Growing Beans

Growing beans is super-easy and really rewarding. There's so much variety!

Crop Rotation

Crop rotation... it’s a pretty simple concept.

How to grow plants from seed

Growing plants from seed doesn't have to be difficult.

Edible Flowers

Here's some simple tips about incorporating edible flowers into your meals.

Gardening with children

Think like a kid. Children like extremes. Rainbow chard, massive yellow sunflowers and purple carrots…