About The Kalamunda Plant Company…

We encourage positivity and the sharing of knowledge. We strive to offer our customers variation in fruit, herbs and vegetables as an alternative to those varieties found in most supermarket chains.

We’re fascinated by edible plants. We proudly help bring back old fashioned varieties of fruit and vegetables, eagerly explore the benefits of medicinal herbs and celebrate native Australian bush food in Perth gardens. If its a plant that you can eat, then it’s of special interest to us.

We grow and maintain our plants in an organic and sustainable manner. We celebrate the wonderful world of plants, nature and our local environment. We look forward to opening a nursery in the Kalamunda village in the near future.

At the Kalamunda Plant Company, our aim is to keep your garden productive and abundant with loads of fresh food, to offer education on how to get the most out of your crops and to understand the benefits of growing your own food.

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We encourage positivity and the sharing of knowledge.

– Andrew Osenton


Gardening is a great place for engaging, educating and inspiring children.

– Mandy Osenton


(Adv. Dip. Horticulture)

Andrew has been in small business in Kalamunda since 1999. The Kalamunda Plant Company is his latest and most exciting venture. As a father of three, Andrew was concerned about the quality of fruit and vegetables found in supermarkets. He decided to source seeds and grow old-fashioned and hard to find varieties of produce. He was so impressed with the quality, flavour and visual appeal that he wanted to play his part in bringing exposure to these remarkable crops.

Andrew fell in love with the benefits of medicinal herbs and after searching for years for particular plants, he started accumulating and propagating his own range of these multi-purpose wonders. By growing the medicinal stock himself, Andrew can guarantee that no herbicides, pesticides or inorganic fertilisers are used on his plants.


(Bachelor of Primary Education)

Mandy is the happy, bubbly face of the business.

She has a Bachelor of Primary Education and works locally as a school teacher.

She oversees all the children’s gardening resources found on this site, answers the education-related questions and works on introducing our services into education-related income avenues.

Mandy is the social media boffin and manages the promotion of the business.

She’ll also be given one of the trucks to drive once they’re restored to assist with deliveries, which she is very happy about!

They WILL come to life!

They’ve seen better days. Time for a second chance. We’d like to introduce our lovely trucks.

We are in the loving process of restoring them, so please come on our journey and check out the progress at our Bedford Blog.

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amazing Bedfords…

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Grown by the
Kalamunda Plant Company

We sell happy, healthy, quality plants.

We proudly grow everything we sell on this website.

Our seeds are sourced from our own plants or certified organic suppliers. We also grow from our own healthy parent stock, free from disease, using numerous propagation methods.

We encourage strong young plants by hardening them from a young age to Perth’s conditions.

We love what we grow and believe in what we sell.

Giving Plants a Second Chance.

Do you have any unwanted plants and want to help your community?

If you have any unwanted plants and want to help your community, you are welcome to donate them to The Kalamunda Plant Company and we’ll re-pot and restore them for resale with 100% of the profits going to a local community group. We don’t make any financial gain from this service (it actually costs us) but helping the community is what we’re all about.

We are currently raising money for the Kalamunda Community Garden, a wonderful initiative bringing people together to share their love of gardening.

The donated plants are stored in an isolated area separate to our fresh stock, minimising the risk of any possible disease and contamination that could affect the quality of our retail stock. The donated plants are not associated with, gifted, sold or represented as Kalamunda Plant Co. stock.

Donated plants can be left with us in Kalamunda after prior arrangements have been made. High value donations can be collected from your home or work.

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… and our amazing online shop.

Here is a bit of information we think you should know about The Kalamunda Plant Co. shop.


Our business operates solely online via our website and Facebook.


We operate from our residential address. We are not a nursery that’s open to the public. Customers are welcome to collect their orders from us from our collection bench.


We pride ourself on growing everything we sell on this website.


We don’t use pesticides, fungicides or herbicides.


We are more than happy to answer your gardening questions and help you get the most out of your garden.


If you’re after a certain plant that isn’t listed on our website, please let us know.

We'd love to hear from you.

We're known for our culinary and medicinal plants. We grow and nurture every plant shown on this website. We're very proud of what we do.

If you're after a plant that we don't grow and that isn't shown on our website, do let us know and we can check with our wide range of local plant growers and if available, offer you sizes and prices. Hundreds of our customers source their plants through the Kalamunda Plant Company and support local small businesses.

Please feel free to contact us with any gardening questions you may have. We’re always very happy to help you get the most out of your garden. All emails will be responded to by Andrew, our Horticulturist.

Get in touch.