DSATCO Lupin Mulch 45L

$16.50 $15.50

DSATCO Lupin mulch is one of my favourites. Your garden will love it.


DSATCO Lupin mulch is a guaranteed premium product. Lupin mulch is manufactured from 100% organic sourced lupin plant material, with addition of chicken manure. Lupin mulch will enhance your soil, adding vital soil nutrients and biology, replacing the need for separate application of fertilisers and mulch. 

Unique formula for WA gardens. Chocolate brown colour. Pasteurised to ensure that the mulch is weed, seed, and disease free. 100% WA owned and sourced material. PH 7.5. Adds nutrients. The nutrient analysis shows a high and balanced content of essential minerals. Being in an organic form makes the minerals more suitable and readily available for plants.

Lupin mulch acts as an insulation layer over the soil and plant roots, reducing evaporation of water and maintaining a cooler, moist environment. The water will readily go through the mulch and be absorbed into the soil.

Lupin mulch has a high amount of nutrients already made available to your plants reducing the need for additional fertilisers and soil conditioners. Lupin mulch contains living microbes that convert minerals into enzymes in the natural fertilisation process. Lupin mulch also suppresses weed germination and growth.

Lupin mulch has microbial bacteria that grows naturally within it, the mulch creates an ideal environment for worms to grow and flourish.

Lupin mulch is produced from farmers waste residues making this product environmentally sustainable.

As the Lupin mulch breaks down into the soil, turning the organic material into humus, the soil carbon content is increased.


DSATCO Lupin Mulch 45L

$16.50 $15.50

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