Feverfew – Tanacetum parthenium


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You can plant the coir pot directly into the ground, which will eliminate root disturbance and help keep your plant happy. The roots will make their way through the pot and into the soil. The pot itself will decompose within about two months in healthy, watered soil.

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Tanacetum parthenium. 1.1L coir pot.

Native to the Balkans, this perennial herb is often used in tea to help treat fever, aches and pains, inflammation and migraines. It also has a mild tranquillising affect.

Feverfew tea is made by adding some leaves of the plant, along with mint, to boiling water. The tea should be consumed a couple of times a day. There can be some side affects and the plant should not be consumed by pregnant women.

This small, bushy herb has small yellow and white daisy-like flowers that are produced over most of the year.

It is not a culinary plant but it has excellent companion plant properties and encourages an array of beneficial insects into the garden. It also has insecticide properties and can beĀ used as a flea rinse for pets.

The plant will enjoy a full sun to part shade position in well drained, reasonably moist soil and should grow to about 50cm high by 40cm wide.


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