Lime Balm 14cm


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14cm pots.

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The leaves work very well in salads and marinades (especially when partnered with pork and fish dishes).

Try chopping the leaves and mixing with fresh chives and melted butter to use as a toss for steamed potatoes.

Or try a strong tea made from lime balm with some stevia and spearmint leaves to make a calming, refreshing drink.


Melissa officinalis ‘Lime’.

Lime balm is a hardy semi herbaceous perennial that is great for cooking and for general health. The pungent lime scented foliage is a real treat in the garden.

It enjoys a full sun to part shade position and can handle poor, dry soils. It will grow about 40cm high by 40cm wide. The plant spreads via rhizomes, so pots are a great way to contain the plant. I often cut mine back hard in autumn to help keep it under control. Water regularly during the warmer months.

In summer, white flowers will appear, helping to attract bees into your garden.

The flavours of the leaves work well with basil, chives, ginger, mint and parsley and partner beautifully with ice cream and other desserts.

Lime balm has anti-bacterial properties and is believed to relieve insect stings and bites.


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Lime Balm 14cm


Out of stock

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