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You can plant the coir tube pot directly into the ground (or into a bigger pot), which will eliminate root disturbance and help keep your plant happy. The roots will make their way through the pot and into the soil. The pot itself will generally decompose within two months.

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Salvia officinalis.

While commonly known for its use in the kitchen, sage also has medicinal qualities; it’s genus name ‘Salvia’ is derived from the Latin name ‘Salvare’ which means to save or heal.

Sage is a perennial ornamental herb which can grow up to 90cm tall. It will be ready for harvest from about eighteen months of age (from seed). It is a hardy and happy perennial herb which will grow in most locations where it receives full sun for a majority of the day. It does like to have periods of dry soil, so avoid frequent watering, even in summer. It may require replacing after 3 – 4 years once it gets woody but it can be propagated with ease.

Sage is commonly used for culinary purposes, with leaves used whole or ground, fresh or dried. Dried leaves can be stored for several months.

Medicinally, sage can be used for assisting with menstrual problems throughout menopause, to stop milk flow at the completion of breast feeding or to assist with digestive problems, gastric issues and possibly memory problems and depression. It is also classed as an anti-inflammatory and can be used for cold sores.