Shoreline Purslane – Sesuvium portulacastrum


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You can plant the coir pot directly into the ground, which will eliminate root disturbance and help keep your plant happy. The roots will make their way through the pot and into the soil. The pot itself will decompose within about two months in healthy, watered soil.


Sesuvium portulacastrum. 3.7L coir pot. 

This edible native ground cover can be eaten raw or steamed / blanched as you would vegetables.

It is very hardy, drought-tolerant and salt-tolerant, ideal for planting in areas near the coast. It is often used as a plant in dune revegetation / restoration. 

This perennial likes a sunny position in sandy soil and should grow to about 20cm high by over 1m wide. 

The plant requires little attention and has very few diseases and pests.

In the warmer seasons (year-round in some places), small pink flowers will appear, attracting bees and beneficial insects. The flowers are followed by seed capsules.     

The plant has been used in folk medicine to treat toothaches, kidney problems, scurvy (and lots more) and it has antibacterial properties. It’s also a rich source of a naturally occurring steroid called ecdysterone.

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