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Building an awesome nature playground

By February 10, 2020June 21st, 2022No Comments

A couple of years ago now, I designed and started building stage two of the nature playground at Kalamunda Primary School with a lovely small team (extra special thanks to Darren, Michelle, Mike and Paul). We all donated our time (well over 1500 hours between myself and Mandy alone) and created some really cool tunnels, climbing mounds and double storey forts etc.

The two biggest soil structures were originally heavily planted with mature Lomandra and Dianella varieties which made them big living entities (the photos below were taken recently). The teachers refer to the largest structure as the ‘Ant Hill’, as the children scurry all over it and through the tunnels.

Stage two is only about 30% complete according to the design; there are loads more big structures, sunken areas, tunnels and forts on the plan. In time, as more funds are raised, the project may continue. When completed, it’s going to be a pretty bold playground indeed.

I love using differing heights and this playground has some great raised spaces. The design also allows for raised walkways to connect the different platforms.