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The use of flowers in cooking goes back thousands of years. Introducing them to your cooking adds flavour, colour and a real interest. Some are fragrant and floral, others are herbaceous and spicy. It’s not just throwing some colourful petals into salads or sprinkling them as garnish displays. You can be really creative in the way you use flowers. You can add floral fragrances into ice cream and desserts or add chive blossoms into bread.

Here are a few points you need to know:

Only eat the flowers that you know are safe to eat. If you have any concerns, consult a reliable source.

Generally, only eat the petals.

Eat flowers that you’ve grown yourself. Flowers from nurseries and florists may have been sprayed with chemicals.

If you suffer from allergies, slowly introduce the consumption of flowers into your diet and stop if you suffer any adverse reactions.

We wouldn’t recommend eating flowers from the side of the road. These have been covered with car exhaust and have most likely been sprayed with herbicides and pesticides.