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The Kalamunda Music Festival is an exciting new community event within the City of Kalamunda, designed to showcase some of the talent in the region and to bring the community together through a love of music. Created by Andrew Osenton, the founder of the Kalamunda Garden Festival, this event should be another great addition to the hills calendar.

The Kalamunda Music Festival’s aim is to celebrate music and nurture the creation of more live music in the hills. The festival presents all kinds of musical genres and encourages performers of all ages and skill levels to participate. The festival provides a platform for musicians to share their skills and appreciation of music with others.

The first Kalamunda Music Festival is intentionally modest in its structure, but with each event, the festival will grow and add new elements, making it a showcase event within the City of Kalamunda.

The first music festival will utilise a selection of our wonderful cafes and restaurants, as they host musicians in their establishments over the weekend. Festival-goers can sit and relax, enjoy a coffee or a meal, whilst being entertained by the extensive line-up of musicians. Instead of bringing in food trucks, we want to support local eateries and help them to explore the possibilities of what the Kalamunda Music Festival can offer them.

The musicians performing in the cafes and restaurants are busking. Their generous support and eagerness to be involved forms the backbone of the music festival and their willingness to help has enabled the event to get off the ground. The event doesn’t receive funding and currently has no sponsorship, so the musicians performing at no cost to the festival really are very special and their support won’t be forgotten as the event grows.

We’ll also be offering a small number of ticketed shows, including a wonderful performance by the Milford Street Shakers.        

The Kalamunda Music Festival aims to create numerous, varied musical events throughout the year under its banner.

We hope you can support this first event and we’d love to see you there.