Horseradish 14cm


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14cm pots.

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A popular culinary herb full of flavour.



Armoracia rusticana.

This popular herb with its attractive white flowers is native to southern Europe but over the past 3000 years, it has spread worldwide. High in vitamin C and Potassium, it is closely related to mustard and wasabi.

The white tubers of the plant can be harvested and used in sauces and spreads. Once cut, the tubers can be stored in water but they will start to lose their flavour, so it’s best to cut them only when you’re ready to use them.

The tubers can be grated and mixed with cream and vinegar to make horseradish sauce. The sauce is beautiful with roast beef, strong meats and vegetables. The sauce should keep in the fridge for up to six months and you can play around with the flavours by adding chilli, garlic or ginger. Or you can mix the grated tuber with mayonnaise and use it as a creamy spread for sandwiches.

Horseradish is great for growing in large pots. Harvest the tubers after the leaves have dropped and the plant has gone into dormancy. It requires a warm summer and a cold winter for the plant to drop its leaves.

Horseradish can be difficult to grow at first but once it’s established, it should boom. If the plant is left for longer than a year, the tubers will become fibrous. They’re not ideal to eat like this but they can be cut up and replanted for use the following year.

The plant enjoys a full sun to part shade position and should grow to around 1m high by 1m wide.


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Horseradish 14cm


Out of stock

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