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Reducing the use of plastic pots

By June 7, 2017June 21st, 2022No Comments

I believe that the amount of plastic used to grow and sell plants commercially is really disappointing.

Every part of the Sabrina’s Selection plant preparation / presentation will break down in the soil; the coir pot, the natural twine, even the tag (it’s paper). We can even supply the plant in the coir pot without the twine and tag if our customers request it.

Many plastic plant pots and plant tags can be recycled by some councils but the number actually being submitted for recycling is minimal. Many people reuse their pots, whilst many others simply throw them in their general rubbish bins. Unfortunately, many of the pots submitted for recycling in Australia end up in land-fill or storage or sadly they’re transported for storage overseas, along with the other recyclable waste. Some limited plastic pot recycling programs are in place which are great, but a better option is not to use plastic in the first place. The responsibility lays not just with the growers, but with the consumers.

The way plants are grown and presented for sale to the public needs to change. We shouldn’t need brightly coloured plastic pots, big plastic display tags, plastic display stakes and plastic pot wraps to sell a plant. A beautiful, healthy plant should sell itself. There’s so many better alternatives to plastic. Most gardeners are nature lovers who want the best for our environment and the planet. We as a gardening community need to shift the way we think.

Please consider supporting the Sabrina’s Selection plant range or any grower using coir pots instead of plastic. In time, maybe the big growers will come onboard and do what’s best for our planet too.

The Kalamunda Plant Company currently grows and sells its other plants, separate to the Sabrina’s Selection range, in 14cm plastic pots. I rather disappointingly ordered a very large amount of plastic pots last year prior to really understanding the benefits of coir. The majority of our plastic pots are kindly returned by our customers and sterilised for reuse. We are transitioning to coir pots with the aim of using solely coir and being completely plastic free.