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On the road again

By July 17, 2017June 21st, 2022No Comments

The truck transporting the two Bedfords across Australia didn’t have ramps, so getting the heavy five and six tonne trucks up onto the high tray was going to be a challenge.

A crane was considered but this risked damaging the chassis. Two tractors with custom built forks were considered to work in unison to lift each truck. In the end, a kind neighbour offered to help and managed to get each truck onto the tray of his smaller truck, then reversed back to back with the larger truck.

By building some make shift ramps (and improvising a bit), the two Bedfords took over two hours to make it onto the truck. This photo shows some very relieved (and exhausted) men who must all be thanked for their commitment, ingenuity and kindness in helping to send the trucks on their way to their new home.